Monday, February 11, 2008

50th Annual Grammy Awards

The 50th Annual Grammy Awards was low in attendence but, still managed to maintain some of it's former glamour. As you may know,most of the celebrities and celebutantes chose to skip or simply attend another event. Some were just darn busy and others had more important reasons not to attend it. To be the fiftieth there sure was an older crowd present (Miley Cyrus had to be the youngest person there), I mean where was the usual young crowd? Of those who were present there was definitely a rise of the "Glamazon" as Star Jones would say. Although most of the stars got bad responses from the "Fashion Police",I thought that most of the dresses were beautiful or could have been better with the changing of one detail. Simply for the fact that most of these people aren't even fsahion savy themselves and shouldn't even be saying anything about someone else. I mean (for one of the guys) I was thinking, "when you grow some more hair, then you cab talk about someone else" and then on Daily 10 (on E!) the girl who was giving the celebrities advice needed some makeup and some obvious fashion advice herself. After searching all over the internet for the appropriate pics, I finally found the right ones on Msn. Since EVERYONE ELSE is giving their two-cents I've decided to give mine, enjoy.

Rihanna looks great in this Zac Posen dress that she sets of with her new, even shorter haircut, that I just love. It is simply beautiful and she splashes onto the Red Carpet as one of this years' Best Dressed. I especially love the feathers and other details. It's so Zac Posen. Who could resist?

I Love this gown. When I first saw it I thought "what"but, Taylor Swift really pulls it off and makes you love it. The only problem that I had with this was that it looks a little like a Prom dress, but, I'm quite sure that it was even more beautiful in person. It's extremely appropriate for the Grammys.Gotta love that.

I don't know who Roselyn Sanchez is but, I like this look. It very Grammys and hers is one look that keeps on getting overlooked and it's kind of sad.The one person that brung it Grammys Style isn't even mentioned on the "Best Dressed List", come on people!

I thought that it was beautiful but, not as flattering as it could have been. The accessoreis were over the top and she probably should have picked either the necklace (even though I didn't like it) or the earrings (I like those), it was the Grammys. Either way Nelly Furtado looked as beautiful as always. She should've went home with an award too. She deserved it.

Natasha Bedingfield looks great as she channels Old Holywood Glamour ( think Marilyn Monroe,that never goes out of style) with this gorgeous purple dress that is simply well, gorgeous. The sucess of her latest album Pocketful of Sunshine (which I love) just makes you love it more.I have no objections and I don't think that anyone else should either. Need I remind you AGAIN that it was the Grammys?

Just above Fergie is her ultimate fan Miley Cyrus whos shines in this Celine creation that on her almost falls under the category of unflattering but, hey, it was the Grammys. I'm absolutely loving the new hairstyle and it sets off this dress perfectly. Go Miley!

Fergie looks great in this Ralph Lauren gown but, I thought I was maybe a little too simple and question where's her bra? Just asking. I felt like this gown was about to fall down at any second, that was scary and believe me, there was lots of double-stick table involved.Other than that she looks great. Simple and elegant that's what's so great.

I love this gown. It was shimmery and oh so glam, she looked so great in it. I especially love the shoulder and sleeve detail. Even though I thought the earrings were a little much, Faith Hill's best accessory as always is Tim Mcgraw.

Hello! It was the Grammys people, did you expect them all to dress casual or glam? Have some respect. I think that this look is perfect for the event for an up and coming artist like Colbie Caillat. Though most didn't like the flower, I loved it and thought it was totally her style. She was simply radiant. The dress might have been better floor length but, hey, I'm just glad she was there.

I LOVE this dress and the floral pattern is definetly "In" and even though she got bad feedback about her hairstyle I thought that it was simple and elegant. Just look how GORGEOUS Carrie Underwood looks from afar.

At first I thought what was she thinking and then it was like "This is so beautiful"!It's simple and beautiful and no matter what anybody says I think Beyonce looked gorgeous.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this look and it is positively glamorous. The bag is the perfect contrast and this is trully Alicia Keys at her best.Oh, and her performance wasn't bad either.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ready To Wear Spring 2008

O.k. I forgot to post this sooner simply because I didn't know that there was a difference between Ready To Wear and Haute Couture (I Know what Kind of Fashion Diva am I!), until I paid attention to the pictures. I ended up having to repost Haute Couture Spring 2008 because of its many mistakes. By now I'm getting more and more familiar with blogger and the computer. I'd have to say that blogging is the best way to get familiar with your computer. Anyways, now that we've established that and are familiar with it let me just say that even though it's fashion week (Fall 2008) I'm gonna post about the Spring fashion shows. I don't like to get ahead of myself or rush things. Right now though I just wanna cover the basics so, I must say that I absolutely love these collections and even though I said I'd only post ten pictures but, you know I had to do more. Well, I had to do MORE.....

Miu Miu

Louis Vuitton

Love It!

I Love Magazines

As you may have noticed I absolute LOVE magazines and on top of that I love a deal. That's why I just subscribed to Harper's Bazaar for $5.00 (that's 12 issues)! They had the same exact sale during the Holidays and I didn't subscribe even though the site says that it's $10.00.The only reason I got the deal was because they sent me an e-mail for a free issue of Cosmopolitan (I've never read it) and I subscribed to it. They do this everytime that you subscribe to a magazine (give you other options and deals). Sooner or later you'll be subscribed to all of their magazines.Of course I'll pay both later (not Cosmopolitan) and will not have to worry about another issue of Harper's Bazaar ( one of my favorite fashion magazines). The only thing is that Hearst tries to slip up on you every now and then and I know because I've got a subscription to two of their other magazines and I've missed an issue to them but, no worry I've contacted them and their going to send them to me.

These are some of my favorites. New and older issues.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I Just Found Out

I just found out who the next Target GO Designer(s) is and I am not disappointed. I got the March 2008 issue of Seventeen and there was a little treat for me inside. The long awaited (for me) identity of Target's next GO Designers was revealed to me within its covers. This fabulous line of comfy, simple,and Anthropologie-like clothes come from the minds of fashion models Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk. Of course you might already know this (ha ha I didn't), I mean it's on wikipedia but,I simply can't wait until the line actually comes out because right now the place where GO Designers clothes usually are is being temporarily replaced by spring stuff ('s still cold here). By the way did I fail to mention that Converse is also debuting a new line at Target called One Star? I know this because I was at the store and I saw a to-die-for jacket that I just have to have and even though the site says that the line is supposed to debut on February 3 I saw the line on Wednesday ( obviously the Targets here didn't get the memo). Well, here are some great looks from past collections:

Teen Vogue February 2008

Has anyone seen the new issue of Teen Vogue? I love this issue already. I just love the cover. Chanel, Ali, and Karlie all in one magazine and it's packed with the latest in fashion and the cutest clothes. This just can't be true. The only thing that would be truer is if I could figure out who the next Target GO Designer is (not Loeffler Randall, I just love her stuff).Ahh.....we can't have everything that we want.

Check This Out

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh, My Gosh!!!

Oh, My Gosh!!!!!

Has anyone seen the January issue of Details magazine? The fact that I've never heard of this magazine before is null-in-void because this issue is going to fly off the shelves.Today I was in the store and just happened (yeah,right)to stumble upon it and there is no doubt that this is a legit fashion magazine (for men). The cover is simply to die for and who can get enough of Zac Efron? Enough said.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Haute Couture Spring 2008

I know that it's been an extremely long time but, this time I'm taking this on as a full time commitment. Simply because this is what I L.O.V.E. Everything about fashion appeals to me, each and every aspect. Well,this has to be my favorite season yet. I'd have to call it the most wonderful season that has ever emerged from the minds of fashion greats like Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier and,Christian Dior. The only way that I can describe this season would be to call everything that I've seen BEAUTIFUL!

Jean Paul Gaultier

Christian Dior Spring 2008